NAEP 2019: Florida maintains high marks despite national slide

In a statement released Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Education, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos called 2019 NAEP results “devastating,” opining that the country is in a “student achievement crisis” that has continued to worsen over the past decade. While the results aren’t great, they’re not quite that bad.[Read More…]

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Education choice a top priority for Legislative Black Caucus

When Florida’s Legislative Black Caucus unveiled its priorities for the 2020 session at a media conference Tuesday in the Capitol, it was unsurprising that PreK-12 education was among the first mentioned. What raised eyebrows, though, was the group’s acknowledgement that school choice should be a part of it.  “We believe[Read More…]

Fordham Institute report: Rising tide of charters lifting all boats

Forget about the charter vs. district school debate. The more important question is whether student achievement improves overall. Does a rising tide of charter school enrollment lift the overall achievement boat? The Fordham Institute released a report to address exactly that. As charter school enrollment increases as a percentage of[Read More…]