Florida senator questions school board member’s defense of SB48

Editor’s note: Following Osceola County School Board member Jon Arguello’s heartfelt testimony Wednesday morning in favor of SB48, Sen. Perry E. Thurston Jr., D-Fort Lauderdale, questioned him on points he made. Here is the exchange between Thurston and Arguello. Thurston: As the school board member for Osceola County, are you[Read More…]

More choice, better outcomes the reality for Florida’s public education system

Editor’s note: This commentary from Step Up For Students’ director of policy and public affairs Ron Matus first published in the Citrus County Chronicle. For two decades, opponents of education choice have screamed the sky is falling on Florida’s education system, even as clear evidence shows public schools getting better.[Read More…]

IDEA charter schools shine in national rankings

A not-for-profit Texas-based charter school company that plans to expand to Florida has received national recognition for 15 of its high schools. IDEA Public Schools, which is scheduled to open four schools in Hillsborough County next year and four in Jacksonville in 2022, announced that 15 of its college preparatory[Read More…]

Presidential candidates do not think all children are created equal

Editor’s note: This column from redefinED guest blogger Chris Stewart first appeared Feb. 25 on Education Post. I’m starting to notice a trend among the presidential candidates. I don’t think they’re vying to be a president who represents all Americans, just some. It sounds crazy but hear me out.  When Democratic frontrunners lavish[Read More…]

A digression on the test obsession

Measuring a child’s mastery of material taught in school is plainly reasonable, often necessary. To a point the same may be said of the ceaseless effort of statisticians either to equate or distinguish groups of children by scores on standardized tests. Today a throng of experts, pro and con to[Read More…]

Bridging the gap between left and right on education choice

“If you care about children, parents, and communities, you can’t vote for Bernie Sanders. He’s the teachers’ union candidate.” This is the message educational opportunity activist (and CEO of Education Post) Chris Stewart posted on Twitter over the weekend. Too many parrot this type of argument, and it’s hurting our[Read More…]

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Tribal bias often trumps facts in ed choice debates

Every legislative session the debates surrounding education choice remind me how our perceptions of reality are influenced by our cognitive biases, and why teaching students (and adults) about these biases is so important. Opponents of education choice regularly attack these programs for, among other things, taking money away from district[Read More…]