Parent Empowerment

Homeschooling is yours for the making

Tiana Kubik has a message for parents who are venturing into homeschool waters for the first time: “Others’ judgment of how you educate your child is not your problem. Let the school, teachers, and other parents have their thoughts. The burden and the beauty of homeschool is that you are[Read More…]

Is this dawn?

I wonder how many registered Republicans and Democrats agree with all, or even most, of their own party’s declared positions on today’s critical civic issues. Many Democrats are Catholics; more than a few seem to share the unease of their bishops at President Biden’s apparent comfort with unregulated abortion. And[Read More…]

American Federation for Children leaders discuss education choice on national podcast

When the producers of the national podcast Ruthless sat down to brainstorm topics for coverage at the start of the new school year, one idea rose to the top of the list: a deep dive on education choice and how it’s currently playing out across the nation. They chose two[Read More…]

Advocates look ahead to next 30 years of education choice

State legislators across the country made inroads this past year to secure more options for families intent on finding the appropriate educational environment for their children. In almost all cases, that legislation followed on the heels of vociferous advocacy on the part of education choice groups. All well and good,[Read More…]

A letter to President Joe Biden

Dear President Biden, I am an ancient Berkeley law professor, long absent from the classroom but still scribbling, mostly about the schooling of children. My enduring hope for this country is the ever-delayed empowerment of not-so-rich parents to be trusted – like the rest of us – to choose the[Read More…]

Give us your poor

“It’s the poor wot gets the blame.” — Anonymous There seems a fairly common conviction among us that many, even most, of our lower-income parents, for various reasons, fall below the level of responsibility necessary to decide which school is best for their child. That belief, though slowly receding, seems[Read More…]

Playing the prophet for choice

“The wisest prophets make sure of the event first.” — Letter to Thos. Walpole, Horace Walpole Such good advice notwithstanding, let us assume that the state of Montucky adopts an across-the-board system of school choice – vouchers of substantial amount for all. Participating schools, public and private, are free to[Read More…]