Parent Empowerment

What’s next for Tennessee’s education savings account program

A week after winning a key battle in a challenge to its 2019 education choice program, Tennessee officials remain unsure when the program will be able to get off the ground. Gov. Bill Lee, who made education choice the centerpiece of his 2019 legislative agenda, said state officials need to[Read More…]

School choice can take political fights out of education

Editor’s note: This commentary appeared Monday on If you live in a state that held primaries last week, you’re probably sick of political ads. In my home state of Pennsylvania, millions were spent on the governor’s race alone—and millions more will be spent leading up to the general election[Read More…]

The fight for school choice must continue

Editor’s note: Tera Myers, a parent advocate for families of students with special needs and all who need more education options, is a consultant with the American Federation for Children. Perhaps more than any other year, 2022 began with education on everyone’s mind. January saw teacher’s union strikes at a[Read More…]

A parent’s story: A trifecta of gratitude for Louisiana’s state scholarship program

Editor’s note: This first-person essay from Louisiana mother Sheila Offord was adapted from the American Federation for Children’s Voices for Choice website. I am fortunate, thanks to the Louisiana Scholarship program, that my three daughters attend Family Worship Christian Academy in Opelousas. Shyra is in fifth grade, Saige is in[Read More…]

Public schools can’t escape criticism when reflecting on Brown v. Board

Nearly 70 years after Brown v. Board of Education rewrote the rules of American K-12 education, pundits and academics are still debating its legacy. And despite nearly universal agreement over the shame and damage done by segregation and resistance to integration, some refuse to reflect deeply on the very flaws[Read More…]

Black Minds Matter founder featured once again on Ricochet

Denisha Merriweather, director of public relations and content marketing at the American Federation for Children and founder of Black Minds Matter, made another guest appearance this week on the Ricochet Audio Network. On this episode, Merriweather, a former Florida Tax Credit Scholarship recipient, shares with Ricochet hosts Andrew Gutmann and[Read More…]

Tennessee Supreme Court holds education savings account pilot does not violate home rule amendment

Editor’s note: This news release was issued earlier today by the state of Tennessee courts system. In an opinion released today, the Tennessee Supreme Court determined that, while two Tennessee county governments had standing to challenge the Education Savings Account Pilot Program (the “ESA Act”), the Act is not rendered[Read More…]