Parent Empowerment

Choice vs. choice: charter schools up, private schools down

When Sarasota Academy of the Arts opens this fall, the Florida K-8 school still will have the feel of the Julie Rohr Academy, the private school it used to be. Small campus. Small classes. A special curriculum devoted to music and the arts. But the new school won’t be a[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Vouchers in Indiana, virtual education in Florida, school choice in Connecticut and more

Indiana: Lawmakers expand state’s school voucher program to allow more children to be immediately eligible. (Associated Press). The legislature may forgive $12 million in loans to nine failing charter schools (Associated Press). Washington, D.C. : Charter advocates make their annual plea to district officials for equitable funding (Washington Post). Malcolm E. “Mike”[Read More…]

Another week, another state, another few thousand parents rally for school choice

There were 1,000 in Tallahassee, Fla., 2,000 in Columbus, Ohio, 2,400 in Greensboro, N.C. and 10,000 in Buffalo, N.Y. And that’s just in the past few weeks. From coast to coast, swarms of parents are showing up at school choice rallies for charter schools, vouchers, tax credit scholarships or all[Read More…]

Balancing choice, regs in public education

My recent post about the importance of including parental choice in our definition of public education accountability drew a thoughtful response from Melissa Webber, the parent of a special needs child. She writes, “I’m not sure I agree with the writer’s explanation of accountability. While I support parental choice and[Read More…]

Drama mounts as Florida parent trigger heads to Senate floor

Florida’s parent trigger bill is headed to the Senate floor after another predictable party-line committee vote. But odds are rising that this year’s model will bring as much last-minute drama as its predecessor did last year, when several Republicans broke rank to kill the measure. In the Senate Appropriations Committee[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Diploma options, magnet schools, students with disabilities & more

Graduation requirements. Gov. Rick Scott signs into law the bill that creates additional diploma options that emphasize career education. Coverage from Tampa Bay Times, Orlando Sentinel, Associated Press, News Service of Florida, Northwest Florida Daily News, Tallahassee Democrat, Sarasota Herald Tribune, StateImpact Florida, WFSU. Magnet schools. Parents are pushing the Palm Beach County school district[Read More…]

Education profiteers? These folks?

It’s true: ALEC likes school choice. Walton likes school choice. Jeb Bush likes school choice. Some of the folks who like school choice even say bad things about traditional public schools and teachers unions. But this is true too: President Barack Obama is a fan of charter schools. Former President[Read More…]

The faces of school choice

Rallies tend to be choreographed political endeavors, but the video above is worth your four minutes if for no other reason than the glimpses of the parents who participated. This school choice rally was held at the Florida Capitol on April 3, and it represents something you don’t see every day.[Read More…]