Parent Empowerment

For community organizers, parental empowerment is not about party politics.

Edit Barry is a mother, activist, writer and education blogger from Baltimore who criticized my recent blog post connecting feminism with school choice, where I wrote: The school choice movement is founded on the empowerment of teachers and custodial parents. Since most teachers and custodial parents are women and since feminism is[Read More…]

Widening our school reform horizons

In the early decades of the 19th century, American education reformers followed eagerly the developments in European countries that were building systems of popular schooling; Horace Mann even spent his honeymoon touring Prussian schools! More recently, however, there has been a marked disinclination to learn from what – for good[Read More…]

The inspiring sacrifice of India’s poor

I first became aware of the plethora of private schools serving India’s poor through James Tooley’s extraordinary book, The Beautiful Tree. Apparently India’s government schools are so corrupt and incompetent that education entrepreneurs in India’s urban slums and rural areas have created private schools for the poor that are thriving.[Read More…]

The success of the Children’s Scholarship Fund

Editor’s note: Theodore Forstmann, philanthropist and co-founder of the Children’s Scholarship Fund, died Sunday at the age of 71. Forstmann created the scholarship fund in 1998. Darla Romfo, the fund’s president and an associate with the American Center for School Choice, recently contributed this post for redefinED. News from the[Read More…]