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Where the school choice movement should go from here

Editor’s note: After redefinED posted Howard Fuller’s comments about universal school choice, we asked the Cato Institute’s Andrew J. Coulson for a response, which we published last week. To keep the debate going, we asked Matthew Ladner, senior advisor of policy and research at the Foundation for Excellence in Education, for his[Read More…]

Parent trigger founder: school reform changed ‘we the people to we the parents’

As is routine with school choice proposals, the parent trigger bill in Florida – defeated in March after a dramatic 20-20 vote in the state Senate – was portrayed by critics as another front in a systematic campaign to privatize public schools. So it was fascinating today to hear more detail about[Read More…]

“Miss Virginia,” driving force behind Washington D.C. vouchers, sets sights on new goal

Last year, Indiana stole the spotlight for school choice. This year it was Louisiana. And next year, if Virginia Walden Ford has anything to do with it, it just might be Arkansas. “Miss Virginia,” the heart and soul of the Opportunity Scholarship voucher program in Washington D.C., moved back to[Read More…]

Low-income parents vs. teachers unions on teacher layoff policies

Editor’s note: High-poverty schools and low-income families are hurt the most by last-in-first-out layoff policies for teachers. In Los Angeles, groups representing low-income parents filed suit against the practice – and so far, they’re winning. Berkeley law professor and redefinED host Stephen D. Sugarman writes in this post that low-income parents have[Read More…]

It takes a village? No, when it comes to schooling, it takes parents

Editor’s note: As momentum builds across the United States for expanded school choice, it is important to understand the movement’s legal and philosophical foundations. For more than 40 years, John E. Coons, redefinED co-host and professor of law, emeritus, University of California at Berkeley, has argued that parents – and not government – have the primary legal[Read More…]

redefinED’s blog stars: Family power in education reform, legal challenges for school vouchers and more

Editor’s note: We’re going to try something new today – “blog stars,” an occasional round-up of material from other blogs that we think is worth spotlighting. Some of the most illuminating commentary/analysis about education issues nowadays is found not in traditional media like newspapers, but in the blogosphere. As with[Read More…]

‘I’m just a dad looking to do the best for his son’ – school “voucher” parent Mike Enters, podcastED

Folks who think the school choice movement is about tearing down or privatizing public schools should set aside a few minutes to listen to Mike Enters. Enters, 52, is the father of 13-year-old Jack Enters, a sixth grader at tiny Lake Monroe Christian School in Sanford, Fla. Jack had severe[Read More…]