Parent Empowerment

More choice for low-income parents shouldn’t be limited to charter schools

John Kirtley, chairman of Step Up for Students and one of the hosts here at redefinED, offered some thoughts on parental choice and parental empowerment over at Fordham’s Board’s Eye View blog today. Here’s a taste: Parents must be truly empowered, however. They can’t just be empowered to choose charters, as some reformers[Read More…]

Businesses, teachers unions benefit financially from status quo in education

Editor’s note: Corporate greed! Profits! Privatization! Shout the same, alarming buzz words enough – as critics of education reform are doing – and it defines the debate. But as Doug Tuthill, a former teachers union president, argues in this post, businesses benefit more from the status quo in education than[Read More…]

Darrell Allison, parental choice leader in North Carolina – podcastED

North Carolina lawmakers took parental choice to new heights last year by removing a cap on charter schools and creating a tax credit scholarship program for students with disabilities. But all signs indicate they’re not done yet – and that a tax credit scholarship for low income students may be[Read More…]

Florida parent trigger debate didn’t bring out best from established parent groups

Amidst all the inflated rhetoric that defined the debate over Florida’s parent trigger bill, one persistent claim stood out as particularly jarring: the notion that low-income parents don’t know how to act in the best interests of their children. That much of this language came from white, suburban parent activists makes it all the more disconcerting. The parent[Read More…]

Obama’s inconsistency on school choice

The Obama administration’s refusal to embrace parental choice in education is difficult to understand given its health care stance and the overall public policy direction that Democrats have advocated and embraced for decades. The most recent example is the controversy over the access to contraception under Obamacare. Initially, the administration[Read More…]