Parental Choice

The best way for the feds to help schools? Get out of the way

If the federal government wants to make a lasting impact on American education, here’s how it can do it: Get out of the way of states and quit adding to the problem it helped create. Those closest to the children know what is in their best interests. In education, that hierarchy starts with a child’s parents or guardians and extends next to teachers and principals – way down the list are the bureaucrats and politicians in Washington, D.C.

Choice nuggets: Surging demand for Florida tax credit scholarships, creationist fears, horse therapy and more

Number of the week: 87,062 That’s how many low-income Florida families began applications for tax credit scholarships this year, up from 69,000 last year. It’s another sign of fast-growing demand for the largest private school choice program of its kind in the country. Demand is so high, in fact, that Step Up For[Read More…]

Florida’s school for the “unconquered”

Some charter schools aim to save kids. Some aim to save cultures – and the kids along with it. A new report from Harvard education researchers highlights three charter schools that offer cultural immersion for Native American students, including a K-8 charter on a Seminole Indian reservation in Glades County,[Read More…]

In school districts, low-income children will always lose the battle for resources

Editor’s note: Doug Tuthill responds today to a post I wrote yesterday about the failure of school districts and teachers unions to enact meaningful differential pay plans for teachers – and how that’s indicative of a bigger failure to help low-income students. Ron, you raised some excellent points in your blog[Read More…]