Parental Choice

Fuller: Milwaukee choice program should expand to other Wisconsin cities

Civil rights and school choice champion Howard Fuller today released a statement through the American Federation for Children supporting a proposal to expand the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program to other cities in Wisconsin. In recent weeks, Fuller has reacted strongly against a plan from Gov. Scott Walker to eliminate the income threshold[Read More…]

Fighting the NAACP’s opposition to school reform

When 2,500 Harlem protesters yesterday challenged the NAACP’s involvement in a lawsuit against school closures and charter school expansions in New York City, they joined a growing chorus of confusion that fails to grasp why the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights group continues to fight school reforms that disproportionately[Read More…]

The American Federation For Children and Malcolm X

Let’s be clear. The American Federation For Children spends significant sums of money to elect candidates who support educational options, and it usually does so in direct competition with teacher unions. But those who dismissed the AFC 2011 National Policy Summit as either politically or philosophically monolithic are playing some[Read More…]