Parental Choice

AZ governor vetoes tax credit bill, okays special ed vouchers

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has confused many in the school choice community during the last 24 hours by signing into law a bill creating “savings accounts” for students with special needs while simultaneously killing a measure that would have expanded opportunities in the state’s tax credit scholarship.  In a letter announcing her veto,[Read More…]

Don’t let Howard Fuller off the train

Those who favor private learning options for poor children can count few champions for their cause more passionate than Howard Fuller, who is almost singularly responsible for the success of Milwaukee’s voucher program, the nation’s oldest. That’s why we should take seriously Fuller’s heartburn over Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to[Read More…]

Report: Senate passage expected on Pennsylvania voucher plan

UPDATE: The Post-Gazette now says not so fast. From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: HARRISBURG — School voucher legislation is poised to pass the state Senate as early as today, following a lengthy committee debate Monday over amendments from the bill’s opponents. The measure, which has drawn both fervent support and opposition,[Read More…]

Budget deal includes money for D.C. voucher

The last-minute spending deal among Congressional leaders adds money to the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal are reporting. The revival of the scholarship is a top priority of House Speaker John Boehner, who has sponsored a measure that passed the House last month. That was just about the time the[Read More…]

Nation’s top public virtual leader endorses private competition

by Kenya Woodard As a bill allowing other virtual education vendors to bring their services to Florida makes its way through the Legislature, the president and CEO of the nation’s largest public online school told an audience gathered Thursday in New Orleans at the Education Writers Association conference that she welcomes the competition.[Read More…]

Enjoy the victory, but remember who needs our help the most

If there was a central theme that drove last week’s conference on school choice at Berkeley, Calif., it was the moral imperative of empowering the parent. Not all its participants agreed on how best to accomplish this goal within public education, but if you surveyed the assembly, it’s likely a majority would favor a design of private[Read More…]

School choice as a moral imperative

At the edge of the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, there is today unfolding a conference that has brought together advocates for school choice of varying ideological stripes. There are some participants who support public school choice among charter academies but who are skeptical of the success of publicly funding private[Read More…]