Parental Choice

Strong words, and a little cognitive dissonance

A judge in Colorado on Friday blocked the Douglas County school district’s voucher experiment, insisting that allowing the program to move forward will lead to “real, immediate, and irreparable injury” to the plaintiffs and others who asked for the injunction. Specifically, Judge Michael A. Martinez wrote in a 68-page ruling that[Read More…]

School choice and the case for equity

Over at Dropout Nation, RiShawn Biddle has explored how school choice activists, particularly those on the left, can re-energize the legal case for equity in education spending. He writes, “If choice activists and civil libertarian groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union successfully take up such moves, it would[Read More…]

The rationale for choice and the greater good

The Sunday New York Times featured a front page story on the rise of charter schools in the suburbs and quoted one charter school opponent, Matthew Stewart, in Millburn, N.J., as stating, “In suburban areas like Millburn, there’s no evidence whatsoever that the local school district is not doing its job. So what’s[Read More…]

Interest spiking in Indiana voucher program

by Kenya Woodard While a group of educators and clergy are challenging Indiana’s voucher law in court, more than 125 schools have submitted applications to participate in the program, according to The Associated Press. About 80 have been admitted to the program, considered one of the most sweeping voucher efforts in[Read More…]