Parental Choice

Old arguments on capacity overlook new trends

Education Week has sustained the conversation about the capacity for private schools to meet the demand for school vouchers, and policy analyst Sara Mead has added an additional argument: As they’re currently devised, voucher and tax credit programs do little to increase the number of high-quality schools. These are, of[Read More…]

An emerging centrist voice in school choice

It will take a centrist voice to advance the debate over school choice, and few individuals know that better than Jack Coons and Steve Sugarman of the University of California at Berkeley. The two law professors have thought more about parental empowerment in education during the last 41 years than[Read More…]

New Florida ed commish: Don’t pigeonhole school choice

The St. Petersburg Times’ education blog, The Gradebook, just landed what looks to be the first interview with Florida’s newly appointed education chief, Gerard Robinson, the former president of the Black Alliance for Education Options and secretary of education in Virginia. The Gradebook noted that Robinson’s support of charter schools[Read More…]

A leader who is changing the conversation of parental choice

Every good leader knows how to spot an individual capable of transformational change, and Howard Fuller saw that in Gerard Robinson nearly 10 years ago. Robinson displayed the conviction to empower poor families with the education options long enjoyed by wealthier households, and he had the fortitude to challenge the[Read More…]

Virginia ed secretary will be Florida’s next education commissioner

Gerard Robinson, the education secretary for Virginia and one of the nation’s most stalwart advocates for school choice and parental empowerment, was picked just minutes ago to replace Eric J. Smith as Florida’s education commissioner. The vote from Florida’s Board of Education was unanimous. Robinson had been Virginia’s education secretary[Read More…]

AEI on vouchers: Does choice spur competition?

The American Enterprise Institute brought together some luminaries in academia and policy yesterday to ask whether vouchers “force public schools into a zero-sum game by redirecting public funds and promising students to private schools? Or do school-choice options spur healthy competition by pressuring public schools to improve.” The forum was[Read More…]