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Building blocks of educational choice – Lindsey Burke, podcastED

Last week, at the Republican National Convention, it was clear that school choice gives conservatives a positive way to talk about education policy. But for people who typically want to keep the federal government out of education altogether, what does a national agenda look like? On the latest edition of[Read More…]

‘Improve your schools’ – Todd Ziebarth, podcastED

For critics of a report calling for changes to the way states fund and regulate virtual charter schools, Todd Ziebarth has a suggestion: Raise your academic performance. “The best way to push back on this report is to improve your schools,” he said. “If you have schools that get much better[Read More…]

It’s about the child, not the system: Jeb Bush, podcastED

When it comes to politics, I’m not alone. Many members of my generation don’t align with either major political party. Our views don’t always fit the traditional left-right mold. But we also aren’t tied to the status quo. We are willing to break from tradition to make a difference. Our willingness[Read More…]

ESAs and equity: Why the educational choice movement needs the left

Educational choice advocates have urged caution amid early reports that show, so far, Nevada’s new, near-universal education savings account program seems to be attracting families who are relatively well-off. They’re right to note these participation numbers reflect the “earliest of the early adopters.” It will take time for outreach efforts to inform low-income families about[Read More…]

With education savings accounts, parents need help navigating

by Allison Hertog There’s no doubt that the rise of education savings accounts represents a revolution in the definition of public education that generates lots of excitement in the wonky world of education reform.  ESAs can be seen as the ultimate libertarian triumph of the parental choice movement. Whether they succeed[Read More…]

Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: Who grades the graders? Did school choice win in the mid-terms?

Center for Reinventing Public Education The Center for Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) is an education research and policy analysis think tank at the University of Washington, Bothell. The organization’s research finds statistical support for charter schools and for reforming the way public education is operated and funded. Back in August,[Read More…]