Private School Scholarships

LGBTQ students benefiting from school choice shouldn’t be ignored

Editor’s note: The Orlando Sentinel published a commentary today that accused the nonprofit scholarship organization, Step Up For Students, of “rainbow washing” by telling the stories of LGBTQ students who have used educational choice programs to find private schools that work better for them. Over the past three years, the[Read More…]

If you’re going to evade a court ruling, why not do it with some style?

“Jeb!” Doc screams, leaping from the time machine. “You’ve got to come back with me!” “Where?!” “Back to the Future!” Doc replies as he scrambles through Jeb’s trash. “It’s the kids Jeb, something has got to be done about the kids!” After completing a hovercar retrofit to his DeLorean in[Read More…]

Florida senator questions school board member’s defense of SB48

Editor’s note: Following Osceola County School Board member Jon Arguello’s heartfelt testimony Wednesday morning in favor of SB48, Sen. Perry E. Thurston Jr., D-Fort Lauderdale, questioned him on points he made. Here is the exchange between Thurston and Arguello. Thurston: As the school board member for Osceola County, are you[Read More…]

Catholic schools continue to attract families looking for education choice

Editor’s note: National Catholic Schools Week, celebrated this year as Celebrate Catholic Schools Week from Jan. 31 to Feb. 6, is an annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. In today’s post, Michael Barrett, Associate for Education for the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops, explains why, in his[Read More…]

Commentary: In Florida, flexible education paves the way for promising futures

Editor’s note: This opinion piece from Kamden Kuhn, who lives in Tampa with her family, appeared this morning on the Tampa Bay Times. When we adopted our son Malachi from an orphanage in Ethiopia five years ago, we didn’t fully understand the depth of the challenges a child with special[Read More…]

What Senate Bill 48 does

Florida Senate bill 48, filed by Senator Manny Diaz, Jr., will be heard in the Senate Education Committee tomorrow. The bill is over 155 pages and at times difficult to understand. Below is a list of the bill’s key features. Some of these features may get modified as the bill[Read More…]

Once again, charter schools dominate Florida’s education choice landscape

The 11th National School Choice Week celebration kicked off Monday as various organizations, schools, parents and students celebrate educational opportunities in their own unique way. RedefinED celebrates School Choice Week by releasing its 12th annual Florida Changing Landscapes document. This most recent document, created from Florida Department of Education data,[Read More…]

Florida Senate Bill 48 simplifies choice for families

J.D. Vance’s autobiography “Hillbilly Elegy” describes how the author and the grandmother who raised him were entirely stumped by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form. It was so complicated, Vance relates, that he figured that if he couldn’t file for financial aid, he shouldn’t go to college. He[Read More…]