Private School Scholarships

A school choice scholarship changed this LGBTQ student’s life – and may have saved it

  Editor’s note: To hear Lamisha Stephens and her son, Marquavis Wilson, tell the story in their own words, watch the video at the end of this post. HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – In fourth and fifth grades, Marquavis Wilson was tormented because of his sexual identity. In public schools, he was[Read More…]

SUFS president delivers remarks before Senate Education Committee

Editor’s note: In a moving 20-minute presentation Tuesday at the Florida Senate Education Committee’s first meeting in advance of the 2021 legislative session, lifelong education choice advocate Doug Tuthill set the stage for continued expansion of school choice as a means of leveling persistent gaps and improving education outcomes for[Read More…]

podcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews American Federation for Children president, CEO Tommy Schultz, Part 2

On this episode, Tuthill continues a conversation with Schultz, incoming leader of the American Federation for Children, a national advocacy organization focused on state-level systemic change that advocates for legislation to expand education choice opportunities, particularly for low-income families. In addition to discussing Schultz’s optimism and where he sees the choice[Read More…]

redefinED’s best of 2020: Two decades of dedication, focus result in new landmark for Step Up For Students

Editor’s note: During the holiday season, redefinED is reprising the “best of the best” from our 2020 archives. This post originally published Oct. 14. Nearly two decades after Step Up For Students began awarding tax credit scholarships for lower-income students to fulfill their school choice dreams, the organization is marking[Read More…]

Courts, facts, logic refute false claims of education choice critics

Editor’s note: Our critics often assert that giving lower-income families access to more learning options hurts district schools. Below we have assembled evidence showing that these claims are false. Empowering Florida’s lower-income families to access the best education options for their children does no harm. COURT CASES June 2015 Second[Read More…]

School choice reduces teen suicide, new study finds

Editor’s note: This commentary by Brad Polumbo appeared Sunday in the Washington Examiner. You can learn more about Elijah Robinson, the student referenced in the commentary, here. Elijah Robinson attempted suicide as a teenager. Why? Well, as a queer and mixed-race student, he faced vicious bullying in his public school. Thanks[Read More…]

In her own words: A Step Up Scholar on the most important thing she learned in high school

Editor’s note: Isabella Garcia, a senior at La Progresiva Presbyterian School in South Florida, wrote this essay as part of her college application. Located in a working-class section of Miami, La Progresiva serves 622 students who qualify for Florida Tax Credit Scholarships. Isabella’s essay came to redefinED unsolicited and is[Read More…]

The light at the end of the tunnel was a Hope Scholarship

Editor’s note: To hear Tamara Arrington and her son, Parker, tell the story in their own words, watch the video at the end of this post. The other student was older and bigger. But Parker, a 35-pound “runt” of a first grader, as his mom described him, didn’t hesitate. When[Read More…]