Private School Scholarships

Commentary: Now more than ever, families need choices in education

Editor’s note: This column by Shannon Dolly, principal at Mount Moriah Christian Fundamental Academy in St. Petersburg, first appeared in the Tampa Bay Times. Thirty-eight students at Mount Moriah attend on a Florida Tax Credit Scholarship and eight attend on a Family Empowerment Scholarship. As a single mother who raised[Read More…]

Florida K-12 scholarship programs earn top rankings in national guidebook

Five Florida K-12 scholarship programs have landed in the top tier of education choice programs ranked by a national school choice advocacy group. The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship and the McKay Scholarship programs each took top honors in their respective categories in rankings released today by the American Federation for[Read More…]

podcastED: Step Up For Students president Doug Tuthill interviews SUFS founder John Kirtley

On this episode, Tuthill and Kirtley celebrate 20 years of serving students and their families, which has culminated in the organization awarding its 1-millionth education choice scholarship. Kirtley, a venture capitalist and the founder of Step Up For Students, was first inspired to make education choice his mission during the[Read More…]

20 years of dedication, focus result in new landmark for Step Up For Students

Editor’s note: You can view a timeline of Step Up For Students’ historical milestones at Nearly two decades after Step Up For Students began awarding tax credit scholarships for lower-income students to fulfill their school choice dreams, the organization is marking another milestone: the funding of its 1-millionth scholarship.[Read More…]

Influx of new families from out of state a boon to Jewish schools in Florida

At Hebrew Academy Community School in the North Broward County city of Margate, students in early childhood classes are learning about germs by spreading glitter glue on their hands and washing it away. In the upper grades, socially distanced students wearing masks are watching out for each other’s health. Meanwhile,[Read More…]

Choosing the right path: evidence that Milwaukee’s school choice program excels beyond academics

America’s oldest urban private school choice program has the vital effects of steering young adults away from both crime and out-of-wedlock births, thus laying a strong foundation for them to live more successful lives. What predicts future life success for young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds? Two vital factors are avoiding[Read More…]

How children’s savings accounts can promote equal opportunity

Editor’s note: In this commentary, Dan Lips revisits an opinion piece Robert Reich wrote 20 years ago about progressive school vouchers in which Reich offered a promising grand compromise between the left’s and right’s visions for education reform. Today, Lips writes, state-funded children’s savings accounts are a new promising compromise[Read More…]

Milwaukee parental choice program reaps benefits beyond academics

“There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in a test score analysis …” Shakespeare by way of Ladner Learning to read proficiently and to understand math are two jolly important goals for our schools. They are by far, however, not the only goals. Americans want[Read More…]