Private School Scholarships

Rigorous private middle school fulfills everything on parents’ reopening wish lists

When it comes to education choice, you can’t get more family-friendly than this: Three Florida private schools operating under one umbrella have found a way to offer exactly what each of their diverse communities has requested. Rather than dictating one of several options – in-person instruction, distance learning or a[Read More…]

COVID-19 has made it undeniable: We need school choice

This commentary from Neal McCluskey, director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom, first published on the RealClear Policy blog. A new Gallup poll that surveyed parents with school-aged kids has startling results, much more because of how opinions are split than the opinions themselves. Given the COVID-19 threat,[Read More…]

Oklahoma homeless students benefit from private school scholarships

Susan Agel wants her students to gain experience. Silicon Valley internships and trips abroad would be nice, but for the students she serves, the needs are more basic. Like riding in a car. Or going to a store — any store. Agel’s school, Positive Tomorrows, is a private school serving[Read More…]

Jeff Driskel: Education choice reduces inequality

Editor’s note: This commentary appeared earlier today in the Gainesville Sun. As the nation grapples with racial inequality, many Americans are seeking ways they can make a positive difference. As a professional athlete, I know the importance of having a level playing field. The rules must apply equally so everyone[Read More…]

South Carolina gives parents confidence about school this fall

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in months of uncertainty for families with children in K-12 schools, but South Carolina officials on Monday made one thing clear: The state’s families will have more options this academic year. Gov. Henry McMaster, a Republican, announced creation of a private school scholarship program for[Read More…]

Florida Board of Education adjusts rules for Hope Scholarship for bullied students

Beginning this school year, Florida public school districts will be required to report to the Florida Department of Education how many families they have informed of the availability of a scholarship for victims of bullying. The Florida Board of Education approved the changes earlier today as part of its consent[Read More…]

New DOE rules allow Florida private schools to offer ‘innovative learning’ to scholarship students with no risk to funding

Florida students who attend private schools on state scholarships will be allowed to participate in any innovative learning options their schools offer during the first half of the academic year without losing their financial aid, according to new rules issued today. As part of an emergency executive order governing the[Read More…]

Court lays to rest age-old debate with Espinoza decision

After more than a century, the U.S. Supreme Court finally has determined that Blaine amendments, which were created in the late 19th century under a wave of anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic bias, violate the U.S. Constitution’s Free Exercise clause. “A State need not subsidize private education. But once a State decides[Read More…]