Public School Choice

Charter school enrollment expands as traditional district enrollment sags

Preliminary data from a new state-level analysis from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools indicates that public charter schools posted more enrollment growth in 2020-21 than they’ve seen in the past six years, even as traditional public school enrollment declined during the first full academic year of the COVID-19[Read More…]

Commentary: It’s no wonder Osceola County’s charter schools are booming

Editor’s note: Jon Arguello, elected in 2020 to represent District 3 on the Osceola County School Board in central Florida, wrote this opinion piece exclusively for reimaginED. Arguello is CEO of a local manufacturing company and COO of a specialty contractor firm in the telecommunications sector. He sits on the[Read More…]

Commentary: Charter schools are good for our community

Editor’s note: This opinion piece from Tunji Williams, principal of Somerset Academy Eagle Campus in Jacksonville, Fla., appeared this morning on In a recent column, U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor from Tampa bemoaned the rise of public charter schools in Florida, claiming they undermine traditional district schools. I understand her[Read More…]

Opportunity, diversity, and a new hot spot for education choice

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – When it came time to find an elementary school for her daughter Amanda, Maria Jimenez researched several options in Osceola County before choosing Mater Brighton Lakes Academy, a charter school with a strong academic reputation and a vibe that “felt like home.” A friend with a daughter[Read More…]

One school leader’s thoughts on the key ingredient to improving education

An empathetic and impassioned education leader from San Antonio, Texas, recently had this to say about the importance not only of giving families the power to choose which school to attend, but also how they attend that school: “We believe that the best education happens on campus with students fully[Read More…]

Becoming ‘Dr. K’: Creativity and passion for teaching sends educator to the principal’s office

In 2019, when she was teaching at Butler College Prep, a public four-year charter high school in Chicago, Kendrah Underwood earned the reputation as the world’s coolest teacher for filming a video of her students rapping about what they were willing to do to earn a good grade. The video,[Read More…]

Education innovation in Indiana rewarded with multi-million dollar state grant

An Indianapolis-based nonprofit that aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing students in impoverished neighborhoods with access to quality education options has earned an $8.3 million grant from the Indiana Department of Education. The nonprofit, Greater Educational Opportunities Foundation, will direct the funding to its newest initiative: a[Read More…]

Commentary: Why so many charter schools? Parents want them

Editor’s note: This opinion piece from the Rev. Mark L. Griffin, chairman of the Wayman Academy of the Arts Board of Directors, appeared Sunday on  A recent op-ed column lamented that charter schools in Duval County “are proliferating all over town.” The author should ask herself why that is.[Read More…]