Public School Choice

Under the staircase, Part 2

In an earlier post, I explained why districts don’t tend to replicate or expand high-demand schools. In a word, the reason is politics. Adults working in low-demand schools, with enrollment well below the design capacity of their buildings, tend to look upon expanding or replicating high-demand district schools in a[Read More…]

Florida superintendent surfs tsunami, generates positive publicity for school choice

Media coverage in Florida is often negative when it comes to how school choice and education choice have become mainstream – and how advantageous that transformation has been for millions of families. How refreshing, then, to see the take from the state’s leading business publication. For its latest cover story,[Read More…]

More evidence that growth of Florida Tax Credit Scholarship has benefited public school students

A recently updated report of a 2020 study that concluded public school student performance improved along with the growth of state scholarship programs for lower-income students in private schools has reaffirmed those results, going beyond the original findings. Additional research from David Figlio, Cassandra M.D. Hart and Kryzstof Karbownik answers[Read More…]

Marking 30 years of educational choice and innovation

Editor’s note: This commentary from redefinED’s executive editor appeared earlier this week on Chamber Business News This year marks the 30th anniversary of passage of the nation’s first charter school law, a movement that has benefited Arizona perhaps more than any other state. Stanford University scholars, for instance, linked testing data[Read More…]

Hillsborough County School Board reverses course on charter school renewal

After compelling testimony and much debate, the Hillsborough County School Board voted 6-1 in a special session this morning to reverse its previous decision and approve charter school renewals for Kid’s Community College Charter High School, Pivot Charter School, Southshore Charter Academy and Woodmont Charter School. Among those who spoke[Read More…]

Commentary: Hillsborough, don’t close our high-achieving charter schools

Editor’s note: This opinion piece from Amy Sams, principal of Southshore Charter Academy, and Cuwana Lawson, principal of Woodmont Charter School, appeared Friday on As the principals of two high-achieving charter schools in Hillsborough County, we along with thousands of students and their families, are appalled at the Hillsborough[Read More…]

Countdown to opening day at IDEA Public Schools, Tampa’s first ‘Schools of Hope’

As school board members in one Florida county face state consequences for pushing back on charter school contract renewals, two of the state-sanctioned “schools of hope” are joyously preparing for openings next month in the same region. IDEA Public Schools is opening its Hope and Victory campuses on Aug. 10[Read More…]

Florida Board of Education orders reversal of school board’s charter school rejection

Florida education officials today ordered a Tampa Bay area school board to reverse its rejection of renewal applications from four charter schools, an action that it took just two months before the expected return of 2,200 students. State board members unanimously approved an order drafted by Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran[Read More…]