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Report: U.S. spent (wasted?) $14.8 billion paying teachers for master’s degrees

School districts spent nearly $15 billion in the 2007-08 school year to pay teachers extra for earning master’s degrees, up 72 percent from four years prior, concludes a report released this week by a left-leaning think tank. The Center for American Progress suggests money for the so-called “master’s bump” was not well[Read More…]

redefinED blog stars: On reform-minded school boards, the promise of virtual charters and the NAACP’s betrayal

Editor’s note: For those new to redefinED, “blog stars” is our occasional compilation of good stuff from other ed blogs (with a newspaper op-ed thrown in now and then, too). Huffington Post: In search of the elusive, reform-minded school board member What most people don’t understand is that managing failure[Read More…]

Choice nuggets: Charter school flexibility, public school selectivity and more

Editor’s note: ‘Choice nuggets’ is a new feature we introduced on Monday. It’s what we’re calling occasional platters of noteworthy items that may not merit a post by themselves. Flexibility and the future of charter schools While most school district officials oppose charter schools that have corporate ties, Nancy Beal, a Florida[Read More…]

Choice nuggets: Islamophobia, a Jeb Bush endorsement and testing mania in Florida

Editor’s note: Today, we introduce a new feature (even if we’re not sure the name will last) – an occasional compilation of bite-sized nuggets about school choice and education reform that are worth noting but may not be worth a post by themselves. More anti-Muslim bigotry in school choice debates It’s nearly impossible[Read More…]

New report finds many academic trend lines rising in Florida’s public schools

Florida’s public schools were handed another solid but overlooked report card this week from another respected, independent source. The 27-page, data-stuffed, “Decade of Progress” progress report from the Southern Regional Education Board is yet more evidence that Florida’s public schools are making steady progress despite the claims of some critics. The trend[Read More…]

A new arena for school choice to help at-risk kids

Editor’s note: School choice supporters see expansion of choice as especially promising for at-risk students. In this guest post, Alan Bonsteel, president of California Parents for Educational Choice, suggests they turn their attention to an under-the-radar, public-school sector that doesn’t have much success with the students who struggle the most. by Alan[Read More…]