School Boards

As Florida’s public education system goes on trial, school choice comes up

Late in its first week of trial, the wide-ranging lawsuit challenging the state of Florida’s education system veered into school choice issues. An Alachua County school board member told a Leon County circuit court that, among other things, charter and “voucher schools” aren’t subject to the same mandates as those run[Read More…]

Florida districts make a strong showing in annual school choice rankings

Pinellas County Schools is Florida’s top school choice district according to a new report from the Brookings Institution. The 2015 Education Choice and Competition Index ranks more than 100 large urban school districts A-F based on thirteen factors such as the availability and popularity of alternatives to neighborhood schools, fairness in school[Read More…]

More union leaders, parents debate Florida tax credit scholarships

The fallout from a 10,000-person rally in Tallahassee continued this weekend, with another set of dueling newspaper columns on the lawsuit challenging Florida’s tax credit scholarships. In Florida Today, Brevard County teachers union leader Richard Smith argued private school choice programs actually harm students. Why are vouchers bad for Florida’s students?[Read More…]

Who would benefit from public school choice?

Two years ago, the income Demetrius Cherry received from commissions at his sales job suddenly plummeted. His wife, Nina Cherry, said they lost their home and were basically “couch surfing” with their four children, and constantly changing addresses. They had no choice but to leave Pasco County, which meant leaving behind public[Read More…]