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redefinED roundup: Voucher proposals fall short in Texas and Tennessee, school choice rally in Florida & more

Tennessee: Gov. Bill Haslam, not pleased with Republican plans to create a broader voucher program, pulls the plug on his voucher proposal, limited to low-income children from low-performing schools (Associated Press). More from Nashville Public Radio and The Tennessean. The finger pointing begins (Chattanooga Times Free Press). New York Times takes a look at the Achievement School District,[Read More…]

Charter school network looks nationwide for top principals

Here’s some advice for school districts around the country: If you have a star principal who’s uplifted one of your toughest schools, treat her extra nice. Because folks in Tennessee may be coming with a really sweet deal. The Tennessee Charter School Incubator has just launched a pioneering effort to recruit top school leaders from far and wide,[Read More…]