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A charter academy delivering ‘classical’ education grows in popularity

Editor’s note: This article from Rick Hess, resident scholar and director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, appeared recently on edweek.org. You can listen to a podcast with reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner and Great Hearts Online executive director Kurtis Inforf here. Great Hearts Academy launched in[Read More…]

Angry parents are school choice advocates-in-waiting. Duh.

Editor’s note: This commentary from Robert Pondiscio, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, originally appeared on the Institute’s web site. It is a truth so obvious that it scarcely needs to be said: successful businesses have satisfied customers while unsatisfied customers take their business elsewhere. It’s true of[Read More…]

Does school choice need bipartisan support?

Jay Greene and James D. Paul gathered data for a new study for the American Enterprise Institute released Sept. 22 demonstrating that Democrats in state legislative chambers have only rarely made the difference in passing original private choice legislation nationwide. The authors make the case that choice supporters have erred[Read More…]

Following the lead of education savings accounts to cover student assessment costs would put more information, choice in parents’ hands

If you wanted to determine, tomorrow, if your child was on track in reading or math, where would you turn? What if you wanted to know how your child was doing in a particular math concept, like the Pythagorean theorem? There are some companies that exist for such purposes, like[Read More…]

‘Cold water’ for boosters of education savings accounts?

In the vision laid out by their strongest supporters, education savings accounts have the potential to revolutionize public education, giving parents direct control of funding and allowing them to assemble customized educational programs for their children, buying services from private schools, public schools, home-school curriculum providers, and more. Plain-vanilla school choice could[Read More…]

Lowering the paperwork barrier for charter schools

A recent report by the American Enterprise Institute, which we highlighted here, argued burdensome charter school applications were creating needless barriers for new schools. Critics, including some charter school authorizers, pushed back, saying the report went too far, and that its recommendations would weaken charter school oversight. Since then, Mike McShane,[Read More…]