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What to watch for as Florida court hears arguments on tax credit scholarships

The lawsuit that challenges a scholarship program serving 70,000 low-income children in Florida heads to a Tallahassee courtroom this afternoon. The issue before Leon Circuit Judge George Reynolds will not be the constitutionality of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship itself. Instead, the arguments will center on an important legal point[Read More…]

Too soon to gauge sweep of Indiana school voucher ruling

In 2002, in the Zelman case, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Cleveland school voucher program against a claim that the plan violates the “establishment clause” of the First Amendment to our national constitution. Simply put, the closely divided court concluded the Cleveland plan is part of a broader school[Read More…]

A little legal history to go with those concerns about vouchers & creationism

The Orlando Sentinel recently published a blog entry about a new website that opposes students using publicly-funded vouchers to attend private schools that teach creationism. The site asserts, “Teaching creationism with public money is unconstitutional. It violates the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which lays out a clear separation[Read More…]