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Former high school dropout perseveres, overcomes, and will open inclusive school that welcomes students with autism

“There was one event that triggered me to create the private school I had always thought about over my career. It came one day when my son came home and said to me, ‘Mom, I’m a weird kid.’ That broke me, and for a time, it broke him too. ” [Read More…]

More Gardiner Scholarship families finding a home in Florida Catholic schools

Taylor Smoots is an energetic 4-year-old who loves to sing, dance and use his imagination. He’s so active that when it was time for him to enter preschool, three private schools questioned whether he would be successful in their voluntary pre-kindergarten programs. It was already summer, and his parents were[Read More…]

revisitED: Small schools, public and private, fill special niche for children with autism

Editor’s note: redefinED is supporting National Autism Awareness Month each Saturday in April by reposting articles from our archives that celebrate those who champion the educational rights of children with autism. Today’s post, which originally appeared in November 2015, relates the story of a South Florida mom who refused to[Read More…]

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Displaced Puerto Rican family desperate for Gardiner Scholarship

TAMPA – Aleena Martinez bounded into her family’s small, sparsely furnished living room as if it were an inflatable bounce house. A pair of blue rabbit ears crowned her dark curls and a menagerie of stuffed animals filled her arms. The 12-year-old abandoned the animals on the couch and ran[Read More…]