Black and homeschooled, continued

A compelling new feature in The Atlantic examines a stereotype-defying thread in the fabric of parental choice: black homeschooling. The homeschooling population in the United States is predominantly white and concentrated in suburban or rural areas. In 2016, black children accounted for 8 percent of the 1.7 million homeschooled students nationally, according to U.S.[Read More…]

Howard Fuller: Parental choice fight in Florida is national issue

If its import wasn’t apparent already, parental choice leader Howard Fuller said Florida should be a national battleground after the Florida School Boards Association, Florida Education Association and other groups filed suit Aug. 28 to kill the nation’s largest private school choice program. “First off, we got to fight, and[Read More…]

Race, representation and the parental choice movement

In the face of a well-funded, organized opposition around the country, the education reform and parental school choice movements need to become more representative of the communities they aim to help. Kenneth Campbell, president of the Black Alliance for Educational Options, was not alone in making that case Tuesday at[Read More…]

BAEO’s Ken Campell: Don’t be afraid to note hypocrisy of school choice critics

Ken Campbell, president of the Black Alliance for Educational Options, has advice for school choice supporters who may be frustrated by critics who distort the evidence and hew to tired arguments. Call ’em out. “We have to recognize and not be afraid to call out the level of hypocrisy that[Read More…]