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Florida schools roundup: Education spending, teacher pay, sub ban and more

Education spending: The chairman of the Florida House Appropriations Committee is anticipating cuts in education spending this year and next. Rep. Carlos Trujillo, R-Miami, says with revenues expected to be flat, his committee is looking into two levels of spending based on expected revenues. The “easy” one would trim $164.8 million[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Superintendent jobs, suspensions, testing and more

Superintendent jobs: Duval County School Board chairwoman Ashley Smith Juarez says she asked Superintendent Nikolai Vitti to resign because she thinks his plan to gradually close the achievement gaps between white and minority students is too timid. “To accept these results is to accept the racism that has plagued our district for[Read More…]

Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: Charter school funds are mine, mine, mine

The Ohio Charter School Accountability Project The Ohio Charter School Accountability Project, an ally of the state teachers union, claims school districts in the state received $1,596 less per-pupil, on average, than charter schools from the state budget. With this dash of data, the organization argues districts end up subsidizing[Read More…]