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Poll: California voters more dissatisfied with local schools after pandemic than voters in other states

Editor’s note: This article appeared Tuesday on the 74million.org. From their dislike of local teachers’ unions to a lack of confidence in school administrators, California voters are more disillusioned with the state of education than voters nationally, a new poll has found. Commissioned by the reform-oriented nonprofit, Murmuration, likely California[Read More…]

What to do with the time given to us?

Chester E. Finn Jr., distinguished senior fellow and president emeritus at the Fordham Institute, authored what is in my opinion the K-12 commentary of the year thus far with Did public education have it coming?  Finn’s piece was a reaction to Laura Meckler’s column in the Washington Post titled, “Public[Read More…]

COVID cracked our education system; a new reform coalition must come together to fix it

Editor’s note: This commentary from Robin Lake, director of the Center on Reinventing Public Education at the University of Washington Bothell, appeared Thursday on The 74. Anyone who cares about kids must rejoice over their being back in school with their peers. But that should not blind us to the[Read More…]

School bus driver shortage separates innovators from stragglers

Earlier this week, reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner wrote about the latest in a series of pandemic-related challenges for K-12 education: a severe shortage of school bus drivers, which is hampering the ability of schools to get children delivered to their classrooms. Now, Chad Aldeman, policy director of the Edunomics[Read More…]