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The Democratic case for charter schools

Civil rights activists and teachers union leaders helped lay the intellectual foundations for charter schools. Since they were first created in the early 1990s, charters have gotten federal backing from both Democrats who held the White House. They’re now supported by strong majorities of key Democratic constituencies, including parents of color. With[Read More…]

Call for charter school moratorium sparks new NAACP school choice clash

Yesterday, on a morning news broadcast in the nation’s capital, host Roland Martin asked the question: “Is the NAACP out of step with black folks?” He was grilling Hilary Shelton, the director of the NAACP’s Washington bureau, about the national civil rights organization’s latest stand against school choice. In mid-July, the organization’s[Read More…]

Joe Williams: Suburbs hold key to resolving Dem tensions over school choice

Editor’s note: This is the fourth post in our series on the Democratic Party’s growing divide over ed reform and ed choice. by Joe Williams On paper, the Democratic Party and huge swaths of black and Hispanic families craving better school options for their kids have been on a collision course[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: ESAs in AZ, scholarships in KS, charter schools find homes in NYC and more news

Arizona: A bill to allow children of military service members killed in action to become eligible for Empowerment Scholarship Accounts passes into law (Watchdog). Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes a bill to allow owners of S-Corps to receive individual tax credits for donations to scholarship funding organizations, but signs two bills[Read More…]

Urban Leagues explore school choice

Florida’s Urban Leagues and education advocates are teaming up for a series of town halls later this month that will include discussions on the growing number of learning options available to minorities. The attention to education is nothing new and has always been a cornerstone of the Urban League’s mission to help minorities[Read More…]