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American Federation for Children leaders discuss education choice on national podcast

When the producers of the national podcast Ruthless sat down to brainstorm topics for coverage at the start of the new school year, one idea rose to the top of the list: a deep dive on education choice and how it’s currently playing out across the nation. They chose two[Read More…]

revisitED – Jeb Bush: Information is power for low-income parents

Editor’s note: Today, redefinED continues to review pieces published previously on school accountability. This post, which originally appeared in June 2016, features former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in an interview conducted by a student who attended school on a tax credit scholarship. All parents should have access to “consumer reports”[Read More…]

Expanding options for military families – Sen. Tim Scott, podcastED

Sen. Tim Scott has seen how hard it can be for military families to find educational opportunities for their children as they move from one base to another. His older brother was a command sergeant major in the U.S. Army. His younger brother is a colonel in the Air Force.[Read More…]

Improving public education, by choice: Darryl Rouson, podcastED

Florida State Sen. Darryl Rouson went to Catholic schools from first grade through college. He wants low-income families from his district to have the same opportunity. He’s sent his own children to public schools, so he wants Florida’s public school system to be as strong as possible. During a podcast[Read More…]