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Report: Parents say learning should be part of everything, everywhere, all at once

Consulting firm Tyton Partners, in collaboration with the Walton Family Foundation and Stand Together Trust, today released a new report, Choose to Learn 2022, that looks at data collected from more than 3,000 K-12 parents and more than 150 K-12 suppliers across all 50 states in the United States. The[Read More…]

Get a glimpse of K-12 education’s future on Airbnb app

We who live in the Grand Canyon state love a good adventure. At any given moment, we could be checking out a giant meteor crater, crawling around in long extinct lava tubes, touring ancient Native American constructions, or hiking in petrified forests. When we venture out of state, lots of[Read More…]

Pandemic pods and Amara’s law

Pandemic pods were all the rage in last week’s news stories as parents around the country began organizing into micro-schools. It is indeed a fascinating thing to watch, but Amara’s law should be kept in mind. Stanford computer scientist Roy Amara is credited with the theory that “we tend to[Read More…]

Young struggling readers need ounce of prevention soon rather than pound of cure later

Andrew Rotherham recently proposed that America’s public schools remain open this summer. Many impediments stand in the way of this, including numerous laws and many thousands of contracts. A common reaction to Rotherham’s summer school proposal looks something close to “that’s not going to happen.” This was a common reaction[Read More…]