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podcastED: reimaginED executive editor discusses modernizing public education transportation with A for Arizona’s Emily Anne Gullickson

On this episode, Matthew Ladner speaks with the president of the Arizona-based education nonprofit about the group’s work to create an innovation fund to seed new options for families that need more choices for getting their children to school. Both Ladner and Gullickson, staunch supporters of education choice, acknowledge that[Read More…]

Former high school dropout perseveres, overcomes, and will open inclusive school that welcomes students with autism

“There was one event that triggered me to create the private school I had always thought about over my career. It came one day when my son came home and said to me, ‘Mom, I’m a weird kid.’ That broke me, and for a time, it broke him too. ” [Read More…]

podcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill and NLP Logix client delivery manager Jen Bradshaw discuss future of education savings accounts (Part 1)

On this two-part episode hosted by Kevin Roberts of the digital innovation firm Robots and Pencils, Tuthill and Bradshaw discuss a partnership between Step Up For Students and Jacksonville-based artificial intelligence company NLP Logix, which aims to create a simple and customizable online platform for families who use education savings[Read More…]

Communities should use pandemic recovery funds inside, outside traditional school to benefit K-12 kids, families

Editor’s note: This commentary from Bruno Manno, senior adviser to the Walton Family Foundation’s K-12 Program and reimaginED guest blogger, appeared Monday on The 74. COVID-19 school shock disrupted our way of doing education, unbundling the familiar division of responsibilities among home, school and community organizations. Nearly every parent of[Read More…]

Florida superintendent surfs tsunami, generates positive publicity for school choice

Media coverage in Florida is often negative when it comes to how school choice and education choice have become mainstream – and how advantageous that transformation has been for millions of families. How refreshing, then, to see the take from the state’s leading business publication. For its latest cover story,[Read More…]

New South Florida school relies on the arts, confidence building to help students succeed

Peek inside a classroom at The Foundations School and you’re likely to see the following: Kids producing their own play, complete with simple costumes. Kids plunging their fingers into clay to create an object that might be mentioned in a story. Kids singing along with a professional musician strumming a[Read More…]

Frustrated by district bureaucracy, teacher launches new learning center based on students’ interests

Jo Lawson never experienced the stress of taking a high-stakes standardized test. The private schools she attended from kindergarten through 12th grade weren’t required to give the tests, which can be used to determine student promotion, teacher employment evaluations, and whether a school lands on the dreaded “underperforming” list. After[Read More…]

American K-12 has been permanently changed by the pandemic

And these children that you spit on As they try to change their worlds Are immune to your consultations They’re quite aware of what they’re going through David Bowie, Changes A district school superintendent recently told me: “COVID has kicked the education reform can down the road 15 years. I’m[Read More…]