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What can American education learn from Kenya?

Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile market when he introduced the assembly line and standardized the tools and parts to construct a car. His innovation allowed vehicles to be built cheaper, faster and with a higher quality than ever before. Flash forward more than a century, and dozens of successful industries[Read More…]

Florida public schools

Florida public schools again rank high on academic outcomes

Is Florida’s public education system as bad as many of its critics suggest? Yet another analysis, focused exclusively on actual academic outcomes, says no. In fact, according to Reason magazine, Florida ranks No. 3 in K-12 educational quality and No. 1 in educational efficiency. Released this week, Reason’s ranking based[Read More…]

Report: Progress ongoing for students in nation’s largest private school choice program

For the 10th year in a row, Florida’s most disadvantaged students are making solid academic gains using the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, the nation’s largest private school choice program, according to the latest annual evaluation of standardized test results. The evaluation report for the 2016-17 school year, published Tuesday by[Read More…]

Survey: 1 in 5 public school teachers send kids to private schools

School choice will soon be the new normal. According to Education Next’s latest annual poll, 1 in 4  families with school-age children have tried alternatives to district schools such as home schools, charter schools or private schools. Interestingly, 28 percent of public school teachers have tried such alternatives, with 19[Read More…]

Diane Ravitch takes potshots at latest Florida “voucher” study

The public release of test scores for low-income students on Florida Tax Credit Scholarships received remarkably little attention in the news media this year, leaving bloggers the freedom to interpret serious academic analysis with what amounted mostly to potshots. Not surprisingly, Diane Ravitch weighed in to wag her finger at[Read More…]