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Don’t blame education choice for school district budget woes

With economic difficulties mounting for Florida’s school districts, budgets are tightening and competition for funds is intensifying. So is confusion. Whether intentional or not, something is being lost in translation in education budget reporting. Several recent news stories have featured district officials who are blaming home education, charter schools and,[Read More…]

New report tells old truth: School choice saves money

Editor’s note: This commentary from EdChoice director of national research and reimaginED guest blogger Mike McShane appeared Thursday on forbes.com. Be sure to check back Monday to listen to a podcast with McShane conducted by reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner.  School choice is having a moment right now. 2021 yielded[Read More…]

The real drain on education spending

Editor’s note: This commentary from Aaron Smith, director of education policy at the Reason Foundation, characterizes Florida as “the nation’s school choice bellwether.” It appears today on the National Review. As public-school battles over masks, vaccinations, and critical race theory continue, one thing is for certain this year: The demand for school choice will[Read More…]

Can K-12 learn from the Defense Base Realignment and Closure Act of 1990?

At the end of the Second World War, the United States found itself a global hegemon. Packed full of geographic advantages – beginning with possessing the world’s largest plot of arable land in the temperate zone, which delightfully overlapped the world’s largest navigable river system – helped the U.S. become[Read More…]

Let them eat cake

According to the U.S. Department of Education, our systems of public schools spend (in adjusted dollars) nearly four times what was paid to administrators in 1950. Maybe this is an exaggeration; but, even if half true, the reality would deserve our attention. At the very least, one should ask: Has[Read More…]

‘Bad education’ underscores why public schools shouldn’t get big bailouts

Editor’s note: This post from redefinED guest blogger Jonathan Butcher published earlier this week on The Federalist. With students quarantined at home, is this really the right time for a movie about public school fraud? You bet. After getting an extra $13.5 billion in March’s “Phase 3” stimulus bill, the[Read More…]