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Wall Street Journal offers helpful hint to New York parents

A recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal focused on the work of researchers at the University of Arkansas’ School Choice Demonstration Project that measured school choice environments in the states and Washington, D.C. The Education Freedom Index considered offerings for private school choice such as vouchers and tax credit[Read More…]

Education freedom: The next generation

The Manhattan Institute published a study by Jay Greene in 2001 called the Education Freedom Index, which created a state-by-state comparison featuring measures of state charter school sectors, private choice, homeschooling and ease of transfer between districts. The study found a positive correlation between a state’s Education Freedom Index and[Read More…]

Opponents’ fibs falter in view of school choice facts

Editor’s note: This commentary, which compares Kentucky’s scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress to Florida’s, appeared earlier today in the Paducah Sun and was circulated nationally by the American Federation for Children. Does offering parents the option of sending their children to public charter schools or providing them[Read More…]

Escape from New York to Florida for more efficient education spending

The New York Post recently delivered a rather devastating comparison of New York, California, Florida and Texas on education spending. Since this is a Florida-based education blog and many New Yorkers move to Florida annually, let’s focus on the Sunshine and Empire states. If you are a New Yorker, what[Read More…]

NAEP 2019: Where does Florida stand?

Year-to-year student achievement will always fluctuate, but how does Florida stand in the larger picture? While results from the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress should concern everyone involved with K-12 education, Florida’s long-term trend is holding despite the recent score stagnation. And as we reported last week, Florida maintained[Read More…]