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Harvard study: School choice reduces criminal activity among at-risk students

A new Harvard study suggests another good reason to expand school choice: Reduced crime rates. High-risk male students who won a public school choice lottery in North Carolina committed about 50 percent less crime than their peers who lost, according to the research by David J. Deming, an assistant professor[Read More…]

Louisiana’s push for vouchers is historic, rewarding – Eric Lewis, podcastED

Louisiana is the center of the school choice universe right now. Last week, the state House passed a bill that creates a statewide voucher program for low-income students (expanding the one now limited to New Orleans). And this week, it passed a bill that creates a statewide tax-rebate scholarship (which is something[Read More…]

Expanded school choice means education reporters must adapt

I’m not an education reporter anymore, but from my new gig I’m getting even more dizzy watching education evolve. So many states are adding or expanding school choice options – charters, vouchers, virtual schools, tax-credit scholarships – that it’s hard for reporters to keep up. To make it worse, newsrooms[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Jalen Rose’s charter school in Michigan, vouchers in Louisiana and more

Louisiana: State House passes voucher bill (New Orleans Times Picayune) with bipartisan support. (redefinED) Michigan: Charter school started by former basketball star Jalen Rose has more applicants than openings. (MLive) Florida: Parent trigger bill apparently died for reasons other than pros and cons of parent triggers. (Sunshine State News) New[Read More…]

Glen Gilzean, pro-voucher school board member in Florida – podcastED

As maybe the only pro-voucher school board member in Florida, and one of the few in the country, it could get awfully intense for 29-year-old Glen Gilzean. But when asked by redefinED if he liked the extra-big spotlight, Gilzean laughed. Being a voucher guy on a local school board, he says in this[Read More…]