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Gerard Robinson: Florida is growing school choice, public and private

by Gerard Robinson Florida has long been a national leader in the field of educational choice. From the introduction of charter schools and the Florida Virtual School in 1996 and 1997, to the creation of the McKay Scholarship program for students with disabilities and the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program[Read More…]

Program design is crucial for tax credit scholarships

Stephanie Saul offered an indictment in the New York Times today of tax credit scholarship programs that have, in my opinion, serious design flaws. These flaws were almost guaranteed to provide examples like Saul found for her article. How lawmakers and, just as importantly, parental choice advocates respond is an important[Read More…]

A school that says no to tests, computers and Capri Suns – but yes to “vouchers”

The little school’s administrative office sits above a church garage, upstairs from a make-shift hallway lined with pink sheets. It’s sometimes cooled by a window-unit air conditioner. On a mid-May day on Florida’s Gulf coast, the air conditioner is off, the windows are open and the office manager is explaining how[Read More…]

“Vouchers” can help revive Catholic schools in Florida, beyond

After reading story after story about Catholic schools closing, it was heartening this morning to instead read about an aggressive local effort to help them rebound. The Diocese of St. Petersburg, in the Tampa Bay region of Florida, has launched an ambitious plan to reverse declining enrollment and ensure that Catholic[Read More…]

Public? Private? Charter? Voucher? Parents just want a good school

Bruce Baker at School Finance 101 offered a calibrated analysis Tuesday on how neighborhood and charter schools differ in the public education arena, but his distinctions miss the larger point. The current expansion of K-12 educational options cuts across all the traditional boundaries in ways that make public and private less relevant.[Read More…]

In Florida, school choice verges on mainstream

Some of us at redefinED will be at the American Federation for Children summit tomorrow and Friday, where there will be lots of discussion about school choice and education reform. As good a time as any, we thought, to offer a snapshot of where Florida stands. Check out these numbers, which Doug Tuthill, the president of Step[Read More…]