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More choice for low-income parents shouldn’t be limited to charter schools

John Kirtley, chairman of Step Up for Students and one of the hosts here at redefinED, offered some thoughts on parental choice and parental empowerment over at Fordham’s Board’s Eye View blog today. Here’s a taste: Parents must be truly empowered, however. They can’t just be empowered to choose charters, as some reformers[Read More…]

Report: Tax credit scholarships (“vouchers”) will save Florida taxpayers $57.9 million next year

Critics of Florida’s tax credit scholarship program often say it’s a “drain” on public school funding. But yet another credible report underscores how much that’s not the case. The little-known “impact” report, issued last week by Florida’s Revenue Estimating Conference, brings genuine financial context to the scholarship program, which helps low-income K-12 students. It[Read More…]

Darrell Allison, parental choice leader in North Carolina – podcastED

North Carolina lawmakers took parental choice to new heights last year by removing a cap on charter schools and creating a tax credit scholarship program for students with disabilities. But all signs indicate they’re not done yet – and that a tax credit scholarship for low income students may be[Read More…]

Rep. Richard Corcoran, sponsor of Florida tax credit scholarship bill – podcastED

Behind the scenes, this year’s bill to expand Florida’s tax credit scholarship program (which passed the House and Senate and is awaiting Gov. Rick Scott’s signature) sparked a bit of a stir in the choice community. The reason: It opens the door for private schools that accept tax credit scholarships to voluntarily[Read More…]