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Florida schools roundup: Mental services deal, private schools and more

Mental health services: The mental health provider that determined accused Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz shouldn’t be Baker Acted in 2016 has been hired by the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools to provide mental health services for students at their schools. Henderson Behavioral Health will provide assessments, diagnoses, interventions, treatment[Read More…]

Breaking from the herd on charter schools

Not surprisingly, leaders from some of Florida’s largest school districts lined up last week against a proposed state House bill that would make it easier for charter schools to open. What was unexpected, though, was one superintendent breaking from the herd. Broward County’s Robert Runcie not only supported the measure,[Read More…]

A tussle over charter school contracts

After years of wrangling with charter school operators over questionable fees, one of Florida’s biggest school districts recently developed new contracts that spell out what is – and isn’t – allowed. But now that a new state law requires uniform contracts across the state, can the district enforce those rules in[Read More…]

An attempt at common ground between districts, charter schools

Can charter schools and districts really work together? Squabbles about funding and facilities might make one wonder. But the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools believes charters and districts can get along – and must. That’s why the Fort Lauderdale-based consortium, which represents more than 400 charter schools across the[Read More…]