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Florida can’t ease up on ed reform

I recently wrote a piece for redefinED about how the Census Bureau projections spell troubled times ahead for Florida. Specifically, the Census Bureau projects a large increase in the youth population to coincide with an explosion in the elderly population. The Cliff Notes version: trouble ahead. Both the young and[Read More…]

Tony Bennett applies to be Florida ed chief

From the Orlando Sentinel School Zone blog this morning: Tony Bennett, Indiana’s outgoing state schools superintendent, has applied to be Florida’s next education commissioner, a spokesman for the Indiana Department of Education said this morning. “After careful consideration, I have decided to submit an application for Florida’s Commissioner of Education position,”[Read More…]

Florida, superstar athletes and school choice – Deion Sanders joins the lineup

Coincidence or not, an impressive roster of superstar professional athletes with strong Florida ties have become major league champions for school choice. Tim Tebow was homeschooled outside Jacksonville. Derrick Brooks of Pensacola co-founded a charter school in Tampa. Andre Agassi, who trained in Bradenton, did the same in Las Vegas. And Jorge Posada,[Read More…]