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Florida education summit aims for listening, common ground

Even for Florida, a state that has put education policy on overdrive for 15 years, Monday’s summit was remarkable: Three dozen education leaders, business leaders and lawmakers, all but locked in a room to hash it out over the state’s contentious approach to standards, testing and accountability. Gov. Rick Scott[Read More…]

Low-income students need more resources to close achievement gaps

The latest Florida Department of Education report on the tax credit scholarship program, and my summer discussions with scholarship parents, students and teachers, have led me to some conclusions. These thoughts are not new, but sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves of things we know but occasionally forget. On average,[Read More…]

Enrollment trends in FL private schools

We reported last month that Florida’s private school enrollment numbers are rising again. And that’s true. But trend lines beneath the surface suggest the modest rebound is tied more to publicly funded options than to private-paying students. Here’s the thing: McKay scholarships for disabled students and tax credit scholarships for low-income[Read More…]

Can teachers unions adapt to the changing public education landscape?

In June, Ron Matus introduced a short series of entries responding to his question, “Can teachers unions adapt?” Responses came from anti-union writers Gary Beckner and Terry Moe, from DFER staff member and former journalist Joe Williams, and from former Pinellas County Teachers Association head and current SUFS president Doug Tuthill. I am a current member and former[Read More…]

Annual study on Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program released

Northwestern University researcher David Figlio has released his sixth annual report on Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship program. Figlio conducts this research through a contract with the Florida Department of Education (DOE). Tax credit scholarship students are required to take a DOE-approved standardized test every year, and their results are sent to[Read More…]