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Why students benefit when scholarship organizations serve all schools

The resistance to a proposed requirement that state-approved nonprofits provide scholarships to students attending any eligible private school has taken on an unusual fervor in Georgia. Some highly respected national education reformers recently described it as both a “threat to a growing and successful type of educational choice” and “contrary to[Read More…]

Georgia state Rep: Why don’t more civil rights groups support school choice?

Last week, at a gathering of school choice supporters in New Orleans, a pair of Georgia state lawmakers talked about the importance of educational choice, and their efforts to gain support for it among fellow Democrats. State Reps. Valencia Stovall and Mike Glanton both represent parts of Clayton County, south[Read More…]

Towards a united front on school choice

Vouchers, here. Charters, there. Virtual, over there. Politically, school choice sectors have been islands. But there are signs the movement is building bridges to advance common goals. Florida’s lead here surfaced at this week’s American Federation for Children summit, during a panel discussion on just that topic. In the Sunshine[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Reform referendum in Indiana, teachers unions in Florida & more

Indiana: The race for state superintendent is a referendum on the direction of education reform, including expanded school choice (Associated Press). Florida: The state’s teachers unions are among the weakest in the nation, according to a new Fordham Institute report (Orlando Sentinel). The Duval County school district agrees to settle with[Read More…]

What the common school was — and what it has become

Jay Bookman at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is among the more faithful opponents to school vouchers and has frequently criticized a Georgia measure, as he did today, as representative of “another step in an incremental, largely undeclared assault on public education …” Leaving aside Bookman’s hyperbole, his current argument is a useful entry[Read More…]