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Fueled by pandemic, homeschool ‘hybrids’ gain traction with middle-class parents

Editor’s note: This article appeared Monday on The 74. Rosario Reilly didn’t set out to be an educational publisher — she just wanted to give her kids a classical education that respected their Catholic faith. In 2009, the mother of five in Manassas, Va., began assembling a homeschool curriculum eventually[Read More…]

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Coming Monday: Giving thanks to #edchoice

Across America, millions of families now benefit from charter schools, private school vouchers, home education enrichment programs, education savings accounts and other learning options that didn’t exist a generation ago. Many of those options are “controversial” – yet the voices of students and parents who love them are rarely in[Read More…]

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Home Education Enrichment Program gives students choice and community

The idea that pain can lead to a positive change in one’s life left students seeking more answers in Jason Crawford’s class. One student sat laughing in disbelief. “How could this be?” she asked with amazement. “Because pain leads to awareness and awareness plus choice equals action,” said Crawford, donning[Read More…]

Florida House approves home education legislation

The House of Representatives unanimously approved legislation Thursday that would limit requirements school districts place on homeschoolers. Rep. Jennifer Sullivan’s bill,  HB 731 , would also increase homeschoolers’ access to dual enrollment and career education courses. In an amendment filed this week, Florida would no longer require homeschool students to provide their own[Read More…]