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podcastED: Incoming House Education Chair Jennifer Sullivan

Arguably no state in America has redefined public education more than Florida. So how fitting that the latest lawmaker to rise to one of the key policy making slots is a former homeschooler. State Rep. Jennifer Sullivan, R-Mt. Dora, said being homeschooled gives her unique insights into parental choice and[Read More…]

No homeschool family is an island: Home education offers parents support

Patricia Anthony immigrated to the United States from Colombia 12 years ago. Settling in Lake Worth, Florida, Anthony decided to homeschool her daughter after their school didn’t meet up with her expectations. “You can tailor the education for your child according to what they need,” she said of home education.[Read More…]

A Gardiner Scholarship transformed Emily Beasley’s life

Emily Beasley was a typical 6-year-old. Precocious yet shy, she was learning to read, loved to dance and enjoyed playing with friends. Everything changed suddenly one night, as she stood in her family’s kitchen. Her parents noticed her staring with a blank expression. Her lips moved, but she wasn’t speaking.[Read More…]