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Not all Florida homeschoolers are at home

Editor’s note: This article appeared Thursday on chronicleonline.com. You can read a reimaginED post about a homeschool co-op in North Central Florida here. While students are returning to school this week, not all are going to be in a classroom. According to the Florida Department of Education, there were 152,109[Read More…]

podcastED: Homeschool research group president shares personal, professional experience

On this episode, reimaginED senior writer Lisa Buie talks with Brian Ray, a co-founder and president of the National Home Education Research Institute, a national nonprofit that conducts and collects research about home-based education and publishes the Home School Researcher. The institute has hundreds of works documented and cataloged on[Read More…]

Home education remains a popular option in post-pandemic Florida

Families who chose home education during the pandemic not only liked the option, but may have told a few friends. A new report from the Florida Department of Education shows last year’s record setting 35% in the number of Florida families homeschooling their children grew by another 6%. According to[Read More…]

Why government is the biggest obstacle to educational freedom

Editor’s note: This commentary from Kerry McDonald, a senior education fellow at the Foundation for Economic Freedom, appeared Friday on the foundation’s website. In Massachusetts where I live, average private school tuition hovers around $23,000. For secular private schools, the cost is typically much higher, with Boston-area private school tuition often exceeding[Read More…]

Primer Microschools in Miami will combine in-person, online formats for deep-dive education

Imagine a school that offers lessons from the nation’s top subject matter experts online, lets students learn social skills from compassionate, in-person teachers in a brick-and-mortar classroom, and encourages them to pursue their passions with peers from all over who share similar interests in a virtual club setting. Welcome to[Read More…]

KaiPod Learning offers flexible span of educational opportunities, endless choice for families

Originally tagged “pandemic learning pods,” as though once the COVID-19 emergency had passed, so would these traditional education alternatives, the micro-school phenomenon appears ready to shed its born-of-the-moment modifier. No longer regarded as the educational equivalent of mushrooms after a thunderstorm — ephemeral and generally undesirable — learning pods have[Read More…]

With KaiPod, parents decide what their children learn

Editor’s note: This article from Kerry McDonald, a senior education fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education, appeared Saturday on the foundation’s website. Curriculum battles in public schools across the U.S. have reached a fever pitch in recent years, with parents and politicians fighting about what children should and should not be[Read More…]

Homeschooling skyrocketed during the pandemic, but what does the future hold?

Editor’s note: This analysis from Daniel Hamlin, assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma, and Paul E. Peterson, Henry Lee Shattuck Professor of Government and director of the Program on Education Policy and Governance at Harvard University, appears in the Spring 2022 issue of Education Next. As folk wisdom has[Read More…]