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Homeschooling skyrocketed during the pandemic, but what does the future hold?

Editor’s note: This analysis from Daniel Hamlin, assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma, and Paul E. Peterson, Henry Lee Shattuck Professor of Government and director of the Program on Education Policy and Governance at Harvard University, appears in the Spring 2022 issue of Education Next. As folk wisdom has[Read More…]

How hybrid schools are reshaping education

Editor’s note: This article from Kerry McDonald, senior education fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education, appeared recently on the foundation’s website. They’re not exactly schools, but they’re not homeschools either. They have elements of structured curriculum and institutional learning, while offering maximum educational freedom and flexibility. They provide a[Read More…]

Is hybrid home schooling the future of education?

Editor’s note: Today’s post features outtakes of an interview resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute Rick Hess conducted for Education Week with redefinED guest blogger Mike McShane, director of national research at EdChoice. You can read a piece McShane wrote for redefinED about hybrid homeschooling in Florida here. Hess:[Read More…]

Is hybrid homeschooling the future of Florida education?

For those of us not living in Florida, the story we keep hearing is that y’all have kept your schools open full time while the rest of the country has shuttered theirs. That would appear to make the Sunshine State less fertile ground for hybrid homeschooling, as there appears to[Read More…]

U.S. Census Bureau survey finds surge in homeschooling

“It wouldn’t surprise me if, five to 10 years from now, everyone looks at this and thinks, ‘That grew a whole lot faster than I thought it could. There is a slice of the market that is not being served by public education. They’re saying, ‘The public schools don’t work,[Read More…]