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The opportunity that Chicago – and Illinois – kids need is real school choice

Editor’s note: This commentary, which references Florida’s school choice programs, appeared Thursday on wirepoints.org. Leading into Chicago’s most violent Memorial Day weekend in five years – leaving 42 wounded and nine dead  – the city suspended days off for cops and played up neighborhood hang-outs with live DJs. For teens and very young[Read More…]

After losing scholarship, Chicago family sold car to keep children in private school

Editor’s note: This article appeared Tuesday on illinoispolicy.org. Manuel Rodriguez’ advertising business lost income during the pandemic, so his family had to cut back. They refused to give up their children’s private education, and it cost them a car. “In 2020, unfortunately, we didn’t receive Invest In Kids scholarships for[Read More…]

Illinois must offer what all America wants: school choice

Editor’s note: This commentary from Mark Glennon, founder and executive editor of Wirepoints, an independent, nonprofit company delivering original research and commentary about Illinois’ economy and government, appeared Tuesday on the Wirepoints site. Rarely is anything so popular yet so neglected by politicians as school choice for K-12 education. The[Read More…]