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As Indiana preps for near-universal school choice, the program has already grown

Editor’s note: This article appeared Tuesday on stateaffairs.com. Eligibility for Indiana’s school choice voucher program is poised to dramatically increase next school year, enabling roughly 97% of students to use state money to attend private schools, according to school choice advocates. State lawmakers have slowly expanded the program since they implemented it[Read More…]

Indiana’s new flexible ‘scholarship accounts’ for career and technical education divide opinion

Editor’s note: This article appeared Monday on in.chalkbeat.org. Loriann Beckner can’t imagine the idea of going to nursing school without her internship. A senior at Southwestern High School in Shelbyville, Beckner interns at a hospital, Major Health Partners, through the work-based learning program at Blue River Career Programs. Working with[Read More…]

Indiana expands school choice programs to near universal eligibility

Editor’s note: This article appeared Friday on Indiana’s wrtv.com. Republican legislators pushed through a new state budget plan early Friday that greatly expands eligibility for Indiana’s private school voucher program after they added money for traditional schools amid complaints over small funding increases they were set to receive. This year’s[Read More…]

Indiana push to change property taxes would benefit charter schools

Editor’s note: This article appeared last week on in.chalkbeat.org. Republican lawmakers are advancing major changes to the state’s school funding system to benefit charter schools and districts with relatively low property tax values. The proposed Republican House budget, along with a newly amended GOP Senate bill, would rework Indiana’s property tax system[Read More…]

Indiana advances plan to expand school choice program to more students

Editor’s note: This article appeared last week on in.chalkbeat.org. A bill that would expand school choice in Indiana has advanced with major changes. Senate lawmakers enlarged the pool of students who could receive state money to attend private schools, but backed away from an initial proposal that would have opened[Read More…]

Indianapolis charter schools ‘move the needle’ on achievement, study finds

Editor’s note: This article appeared last week on The 74. New research on pre-pandemic academic achievement in Indianapolis is delivering a mixed bag of results: Students in K-12 schools there posted weaker learning gains in both reading and math than students statewide, while students who attended charter or charter-like “Innovation[Read More…]

Indiana leaders visit Florida in search of more robust pre-K options for low-income families

Editor’s note: This article appeared today on the Journal Gazette of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Fort Wayne Community Schools is exploring options to expand a program unfunded by the state – pre-K. “There are students who come to us in kindergarten that are two years to three years behind their peers,”[Read More…]

Education innovation in Indiana rewarded with multi-million dollar state grant

An Indianapolis-based nonprofit that aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing students in impoverished neighborhoods with access to quality education options has earned an $8.3 million grant from the Indiana Department of Education. The nonprofit, Greater Educational Opportunities Foundation, will direct the funding to its newest initiative: a[Read More…]