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redefinED blog stars: On Coursera, Cristo Rey, course choice and more

Editor’s note: “Blog stars” is our occasional roundup of thoughtful stuff from other ed blogs and sometimes a newspaper or two. Don’t forget course choice From a Shreveport Times op-ed: Nearly all of us have had an experience where we were stuck in a class in which no matter how many times[Read More…]

redefinED blog stars: coming disruptions, blooming charter schools, campaign cherry picking …

Editor’s note: For those new to redefinED, “blog stars” is our occasional roundup of good stuff from other education blogs. Jay P. Greene’s Blog: The Way of the Future: Coursera Watch this video from start to finish from Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller as in right now: I’m calling it- I[Read More…]

Betting with Jay Mathews on vouchers

There are many things we value in public education today that were once unthinkable. Southern school boards defiantly resisted integration. Charter schools were anathema to the Democratic Party. Even International Baccalaureate programs were challenged by well-meaning principals who feared they would cream the best students and dilute traditional public schools. All of[Read More…]

What Congressional pressure can accomplish

Washington Post columnist Jay Mathews today engaged his colleague, Valerie Strauss, on the merits of Congressional pressure and school reform. While today’s Class Struggle headline may lead the casual reader to wonder if Mathews has now come to advocate for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship — he has not — the more cogent[Read More…]